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We cover boats as well.

Latest Boat Test
                                   Miss Budweiser Pro boat.
                                 This boat is a beatiful hydroplane style boat capable of 26.4 mph.For A extrodinary boat like this you can get it for a good $299.99.

Weekly Boat Challenge.
                                       Just like in the on the homepage we have a Showoff.This time between boats.If you know how to do the other version on the homepage then you know how to do this one

Most expensive boats

1.Traxxas Villain EX RTR $304.95
2.Miss Budweiser Pro Boat $299.99
3.Kyosho Sunseeker Predator 60 $59.99

Fastest boats speeds test this month

1.Miss Budweiser 26.4 mph
2.Traxxas Villain EX RTR 18.1 mph
3.Sunseeker Predator 60 4.5 mph

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